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2021 MicroStrategy Customer Awards

Impactful Embedded Application


“CAI’s TrueProject has been named a winner of MicroStrategy’s 2021 “Impactful Embedded Application” award. TrueProject, the only oversight & governance solution to ensure project success by predicting problems before they occur, won our Customer Award for its unique and extremely effective integration of MicroStrategy Dossier, dashboards and HyperIntelligence. This ground-breaking application leverages the best of MicroStrategy with other web-based technologies in a true multi-tenant environment. We are proud to recognize TrueProject as a MicroStrategy-powered application that protects organizations from the potential of troubled projects and failure issues.”

Bob Sharman
Senior Vice President, Worldwide OEM - MicroStrategy

How is TrueProject different?

Typical project management tools don’t address the core problems that are subjective or human factor related, and most information is not forthcoming on impending problems until it’s too late. But, through the automation of management information discovery, TrueProject provides clear and immediate visibility into project status, while predicting project outcomes to keep you clear of potential problems while there is time to solve them.

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How it works

TrueProject provides continuous oversight and governance of your projects, predicting where problems might occur, and alerts management to those requiring attention.


Get information from all your projects' team members, whether internal, external, or stakeholders of any type.


Learn from past performance and compare against metrics-based research.


TrueProject highlights key areas needing your attention. We work with you to identify and recommend corrective actions before it's too late.


Predictive analytics show if your projects are on the right path, predicting unseen project risks while there is time to act.

Business management, control
& oversight, automatically

Gather data from anyone, anywhere

Get insights from your projects' stakeholders

Discover underlying risks and issues through simple online assessments automatically sent to each team member, internal personal, external members, or stakeholders of any type.

TrueProject provides a smooth and non-intrusive experience for your teams, whether they access the assessments from their phone, desktop computer or tablet.


Learn from past performance

TrueProject benchmarks your organization's knowledge, behaviors, and processes against a repository of successful and challenged projects.

It looks at the people aspects of your project…as well as the process aspect identifying those areas in need of attention, while there is still time to act.

Get back on track, fast

Identify the top items in need of attention

Early phase-based risk analysis leads to reduced failure, delays, costs, and improved customer satisfaction. TrueProject comes with best-practice rules and alerts, and the ability to add additional organization-specific knowledge and rules.

TrueProject highlights key areas needing your attention and recommends corrective actions before it's too late.

Decisive, actionable insights, on time

Make data-driven decisions

Rich data analytics drill down into those items needing attention to provide enough data for organizations to make a data-driven decision.

And predictive analytics show if your projects are on the right path, predicting unseen project risks while there is time to act.


Fast enterprise adoption

Easy Onboarding

No Stakeholder Learning Curve

Easy onboarding for your organization is as simple as sending an email. Trueproject is simple and as easy as letting the team use it. It is easy for project team and stakeholders to adapt.

Complete a simple set-up, communicate the need for the assessment with your team and receive the results.

No Infrastructure Needed

A browser is all you need

TrueProject runs as a SaaS so there is no need to invest in any infrastructure. Getting started is as easy as running a browser.

Minimal Investment of Time

Get the true picture in minutes

It takes only minutes for each stakeholder to complete their assessments to quickly leverage the power and insight from TrueProject.

Project information
Expert Guidance

We help you get value

Your TrueProject experience includes experts to guide you through the process, and to walk you through findings and recommendations.


Why TrueProject?


Among those organizations that have benefited from TrueProject