It's easy to get started with TrueProject. Just 3 simple steps!

  •  Discover - 3 Hours
  •  Implement - 3 Days
  •  Go Live - 4th Day

Understanding your organization

Your TrueProject Customer Success Manager will work with your team to capture configuration information.

Environment setup

Your TrueProject Customer Success Manager will configure your instance of TrueProject based on your needs.

Using TrueProject

TrueProject Launch & Begin:
* 30-day Customer Success Team
* 90-day Virtual Project Office

After Going Live

  •  Success - 30 Days
  •  VPO - 90 Days

Customer Success Team

During this time, our Customer Success Team will work with you one-on-one to ensure your team's success with TrueProject. You will have on-demand access to this team for questions, requests, and any other help you may need.

Virtual Project Office (VPO)

During this time, a VPO Consultant provides expert analysis to help ensure increased project success rates. You will have weekly checkpoints with select stakeholders to monitor and interpret the analysis provided by TrueProject. This interpretation will focus on selected projects managed by TrueProject.

Getting Started Guide
What is TrueProject?

TrueProject is a revolutionary project monitoring and governance solution that works alongside existing project management tools. TrueProject utilizes a consistent feedback mechanism to collection input from your entire team working on a project to uncover underlying inhibitors to project success. The solution acts as a heads-up display notifying your project manager of challenges coming on the horizon so he or she can mitigate them ahead of time.

About the Customer Success Program

The Customer Success Program (CSP) is the program developed by Advanced Management Insight, Inc. (AMI) to implement TrueProject within your organization. It includes the process and supporting procedures for adopting TrueProject within your organization. The CSP consists of 4 parts: The On-Boarding Period, the Virtual Project Office Period, TrueProject Product Support, and the Executive Account Relationship. This document will explain what each of the periods mean to you.

About the Getting Started Guide

This getting started guide is meant for any customer or partner implementing TrueProject within their organization. It outlines the recommended path from inception through go live and ongoing product support. This guide is resource for you for the administration and management of projects in your organization within TrueProject. The getting started guide assumes an out-of-box configuration as that is the recommended starting point to get your organization live with TrueProject as quickly as possible. Customizations can be requested and made any time after the go live date.

Customer Success Portal

The Customer Success Portal is your one source of truth for all things TrueProject. You will be provided with login credentials to the portal shortly after becoming a customer. The Customer Success Portal provides you with references and training guides on the use of the product. It will be leveraged to collect configuration details for your environment as well as submitting requests as necessary. You can explore all the portal has to offer here.

Key Stakeholders
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM) – The manager and coordinator of the Customer Success Program. He/she serves as your overall guide and single point of contact for TrueProject.
  • Custom Success Team (CST) – The team supporting your implementation for the first 30 days.
  • VPO Consultant – The expert consultant providing analysis on your projects for the duration of the VPO Period. You will meet with this consultant on weekly basis for the VPO period.
  • TrueProject Service Desk – The group of people who handle all support requests. You will contact them either by phone or by email to submit enhancement and supports request. Email is recommended.
  • Administrator – An Administrator serves as the main point of contact within your organization for the management and use of TrueProject. As an administrator, you are responsible for the overall configuration of TrueProject. You handle the settings across all projects. You are also the point of contact for submitting requests to the help desk. No one else will be able to submit requests.
  • Project Manager – You will have many project managers involved with TrueProject. A project manager is anyone who is responsible for managing a team that is working on a project. This person is responsible for managing their project(s), sending assessments, ensuring participation, and reviewing statuses.
  • Team Member – Any general user of TrueProject. A team member is responsible for completing assessments and reviewing status reports.
On-Boarding Period Description

The On-Boarding Period includes the initial configuration and 30-day support period. It includes ah-hoc training sessions to teach users the basics of how to use TrueProject. The On-Boarding Period consists of the Discover, Implement, and Go Live phases. The timetables for each of the phases will be explained below.

It is recommended that you begin with the out-of-the-box implementation. This allows your teams to understand and integrate the product much faster. A deeper understanding allows you to make more effective use of the customization capabilities in TrueProject. The Customer Success Manager is your single point of contact for TrueProject.

The Discover Phase lasts no more than 3-hours and can be completed in just one working day.

Discovery Working Session

You and your CSM work together to record all the information necessary for the initial configuration of TrueProject using the online form on the Customer Success Portal.

Phase Completion

The Discover Phase is complete once the online form has been submitted and your CSM has all the information necessary to configure your TrueProject environment.

The Implement Phase lasts no more than 3-days and can be completed within the same working week as the Discover Phase.

Environment Setup

Your CSM will configure your TrueProject environment by utilizing the information submitted in the online form on the Customer Success Portal. Your Administrator will be notified when the environment is ready and will be provided with his/her credentials to login to TrueProject.

Guided Walkthrough

Your CSM will schedule a guided walkthrough with your Administrator to introduce you to your TrueProject environment and provide an initial training session. This is a great time for you to ask questions and explore all the product has to offer.

Phase Completion

Your Administrator will approve the environment at the conclusion of the Guided Walkthrough officially marking the beginning of the Go Live phase.

The Go Live Phase is 30 days where your organization has full access to the Customer Success Team.

Training Sessions

Training sessions vary depending on your role within your organization and TrueProject. There are training sessions designed for administrators, project managers, executives, and team members. You may choose to request a training session for any of your users anytime during the Go Live Phase. The depth of and breadth of training is entirely up to you. There are also training materials located on the Customer Success Portal.

Change/Support Requests

During the Go Live Phase, you may have questions or want to request changes to your TrueProject environment. All requests will be submitted to your CSM during this 30-day period. Your CSM will work with you to resolve any change and support requests. After the Go Live Phase, you will submit requests as defined below.

Phase Completion

The Go Live Phase will commence 30 days after the Implement Phase ends.

VPO Period

The VPO Period is a paid for service that is included in the initial investment in TrueProject. A VPO Consultant provides expert analysis during the initial live period for TrueProject to ensure an increased project success rate. This includes weekly checkpoints with management and the executive suite of your organization. The initial investment in TrueProject comes with a 90-day VPO period. You may choose to extend this period beyond 90-days which you can discuss with you CSM at any time.

Weekly VPO Analysis

Your VPO Consultant will meet with you on a weekly basis to discuss TrueProject’s analysis. This meeting can include anyone from top-level executives to project managers at your discretion. The goal of these meetings is to help you understand and interpret the analysis provided by TrueProject so you can take the best course of action to improve your project(s). This will be performed against a predetermined subset of projects.

Weekly Checkpoints

Your CSM will continue meeting with you on weekly basis during the VPO period. These meetings are an open forum for you to ask questions and expand your use of TrueProject. Your CSM is a resource for you to be successful and the goal of these meetings is to ensure you have everything you need. After the VPO period, you may request to meet with your CSM whenever necessary.

Initial Phase Completion

The VPO Period ends 90 days after the conclusion of the Go Live Phase. The VPO Period can be extended upon your request.

During the On-Boarding Period

All support requests go through your Customer Success Manager. The CSM handles submission and processing of the request on your behalf. He or she will notify you once the request has been completed.

For the Life of the Agreement Beyond On-Boarding

You will submit all support and feature requests to the TrueProject help desk. It is best to contact the help desk by email. The TrueProject help desk determines how the request is categorized and resolved. The help desk will notify you by email when support or feature request has been completed.

Functionality Outage Communication

From time to time, TrueProject may experience functionality outages. These outages are severe in nature because they prevent users from being able to utilize the full functionality of the system. In the event of an outage, the CSM will notify you of all affected functionalities. The CSM also provides a list of unaffected functionalities for clarity purposes. You will need to send a read confirmation to the CSM to communicate that the message was received and then notify anyone affected in your organization.

Once the Go Live period has commenced, you may request customizations to the out-of-box configuration by utilizing professional service hours.

Assessment Customization Options

When implementing TrueProject, you may request your own custom assessments. Professional service hours need to be purchased for assessment customization. There are various forms of custom content that exist for you to leverage. All levels of customization require the use of professional service hours beyond the standard assessment. The following are the levels of customization available to you:

  • Standard – Use the Standard (Out-of-the-Box) assessment as is. You automatically receive any changes or updates to assessments at no additional cost.
  • Frozen – Use the Standard assessment but lock its version. You do not automatically receive changes or updates to the assessment and need to request the updated version.
  • Modified – Use the Standard assessment, lock its version, and modify it. You do not automatically receive changes or updates and need to request updates.
  • Unique – Request your own, completely custom assessment. You create your own content and request that the CSM crafts the content on your behalf.
Theme Customization Options

You may also request a custom assessment skin with various options for customization. The most frequent request is to replace the TrueProject logo with your logo. You must provide a logo file to the Customer Success Manager to complete this task. Work with your CSM to discuss other options available for customization. Note that this also requires the use of professional services hours.

Assessment Customization Process

Assessment customization for modified or unique assessments is very simple, following the process outlined in the instructions tab of the Assessment Authoring Specs spreadsheet provided for you to update an existing or create a new assessment. The process follows 8 simple steps:

  • Receive the Spreadsheet – You will receive the Authoring spreadsheet from your Customer Success Manager (CSM).
  • Define the Context – You will populate the fields on the "Config Parameters" worksheet by following the tips within the sheet. This sheet is for the contextual aspects of the assessment including the email, intro, and other key details.
  • Create the Questions – You will populate the fields in the "Assessment" worksheet by following the tips on each header. This is where you develop the assessment itself.
  • Save your Work – Save the spreadsheet to your local machine and send a copy to your CSM.
  • Review the Spreadsheet – Your CSM will review the items on the checklist page and make sure everything is correct. This ensures the rest of the process is smooth.
  • Approve the Spreadsheet – You need to provide your eSignature on the "Checklist" tab to proceed with assessment creation.
  • QA Testing – The Customer Success Team will handle the generation of your assessment and send a preliminary copy to you for QA and review.
  • Configure in Production – Once you have approved the preliminary assessment, we will configure the final version in your TrueProject environment on your behalf.

An executive or senior level individual from both AMI and your organization will maintain a business relationship throughout the life of contract term. These individuals will work together to any contract level questions or guide scope changes. This relationship is another avenue for AMI to ensure your complete customer satisfaction with TrueProject. The goal is to create a long-lasting business relationship and continue the use of TrueProject for a long time in the future.