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Optimize resource distribution

Identify where resources are being spent and optimally allocate them to reduce effort expended for a marginal return.


Obtain the highest value

Build a portfolio of projects that have the right mix of risks/rewards to maximize what is important to the organization.


Continually assess performance

Review in-flight projects to determine if they should continue or be terminated.

Validate project value

Confirm a project adds value before implementing

Ensure a project adds value to your organization at the proposal stage. Perform risk and opportunity analysis, cost/benefit analysis, business alignment analysis, and what-if scenario analysis.

Maintain portfolio balance

Compare all your projects side by side

Features that make it easy to balance your portfolio with project prioritization, timeline planning, resource planning, and budgetary planning.

Eliminate white space

Assign resources to the most valuable initiatives

Gain control over your organization works and regulate high-reward, high-risk projects with your overall workload, eliminate wasted energies on unauthorized or redundant work, and assign and delegate resources to the most valuable initiatives.

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Get your project's true status, identify current problems, and keep stakeholders informed.


TrueProject Portfolio

Maximize organizational benefit via optimized resource utilization and proper portfolio alignment.